Board of Directors

SangSang Ma (马珊珊), PharmD, MBA, BCPS, PRS

Dr. Ma graduated from University of the Pacific with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She has been practicing pharmacy for almost two decades now and been holding multiple leadership roles. She was a former California State Board of Pharmacy Inspector and Director of an inpatient pharmacy at Kaiser Permanente. Dr. Ma is currently a Central Pharmacy Manager at UC Davis Medical Center and a private Pharmacy Consultant & Advisor. She is a life-long learner, who just completed her MBA degree at Capella University in 2018. Dr. Ma has recently been elected as President of Sacramento Chinese Culture Foundation (SCCF). Dr. Ma enjoys serving the community, promoting cultural diversity, and mentoring youth to become future leaders.

Jun Wang (王珺), Ph.D.
Vice President

Dr. Wang earned her PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. After graduation, she moved to big Sacramento area in 2000. As a first generation immigrant, Dr. Wang believes equal importance of keeping our Chinese culture heritage and assimilating into American culture. Her passion includes education, health, culture and arts.

Brent Luu (刘国宝), PharmD, BCPS, BCACP

Dr. Luu is a clinical assistant professor for the Master of Science—Nurse Practitioner and Master of Health Sciences —Physician Assistant Studies as well as the Master Entry Program in Nursing at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis. He teaches the pharmacology series courses for these clinical programs. With more than 18 years of pharmacy practice and management, Dr. Luu has worked in various pharmacy practice settings, including acute care, ambulatory care, oncology and home infusion. Read more >

Keely Jue (周吴其丽)

In the late 70's, Keely immigrated to the United States from Hong Kong and lived in Sacramento. She graduated with a Bachelor Degree from California State University Sacramento. She has been working as an Accounting Administrator for the State of California, Office of Legislative Counsel for more than 25 years. In addition to serving in the Sacramento Chinese Culture Foundation board, she is also involved in various non-profit organizations to help the local community and to promote Asian culture. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, exploring food places, and photography.

Helen Shi (施海霞), RN

Helen Shi has been a Registered Nurse in California for more than 20 years.  She has worked at different skilled nursing facilities, the acute hospitals and county and state governments. She has extensive background and knowledge of the California Code of Regulations, Title 22. and Federal Code of Regulations relating to the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services. She is currently working at the state of department of Social Services to optimize the health and safety of adults and seniors in community care setting. She enjoys traveling, gardening and painting.

Xiaodong Feng (冯晓东), Ph.D., PharmD
Community Liaison Chair

Dr. Feng’s integrated training, experience and expertise in cancer education, clinical practice, community service, cancer research and cancer patient care enable him to incorporate essential components of knowledge, clinical skills, biomedical research, community outreach and service into high quality patient care and medical education. Dr. Feng received his Ph.D. ... Read more >

Mayue Carlson (林美玉)
Community Outreach Chair

Mayue has a BA and an MBA, served the API Community for over 20 years. Her roles in the past -

APAPA: President/CEO, National ED, Voter’s Forum 1st Chair, Capitol Internship/Scholarship Program 1st Chair, and Capitol and Central Regional President.  Read more >

Jing Jiao (焦静), Ph.D.
Scholarship Chair

Dr. Jing Jiao is a biomedical research scientist focused on developing cancer-targeted therapy. Dr. Jiao obtained her Ph.D. from University of Alabama at Birmingham. She did her postdoctoral training at Department of Molecular and medical Pharmacology at UCLA, where her research focused on prostate cancer model and embryonic stem cells.  She further explored her cancer research into tumor microenvironment and therapeutics on skin cancer at UCLA. Read more > 

Teck Lai (赖德麟)
Membership & Fundraising Chair

Teck was a pioneer engineer in NEC Hiroshima Japan and has 20+ years’ experience in the semiconductor industry. He earned a MS degree in Design Engineering (Robotic Automation) from the University of Hiroshima.

The first atomic bomb, and the world’s most deadly, blast Hiroshima in 1945. The explosion wiped out the entire city and killed 80,000 individuals. One of the few remnants withstood the explosion and became the Atomic Dome Museum in the Peace Park. Read more >

Min Yao (姚敏)
President's Volunteer Service Award Chair

Min Yao has a diverse background and expertise in various industries. After years of oceanographic research and exploration, she became an environmental protection consultant and auditor, a senior technical writer for high-tech companies thereafter, and then became a small business owner. She felt fulfilling while volunteering at several non-profit organizations. In recent years, she has become an advisor of a mental wellness fund for teen suicide prevention. She enjoys traveling, music, art, and culture. 

Shanshan Bian (卞珊珊)
Board Member

Shanshan graduated from the Department of Architecture in Sacramento State University. As an active Sacramento Chinese Culture Foundation (SCCF) board member, Shanshan designed flyers, program books, and newsletters for the majority of the SCCF events. Shanshan is currently working as an interior designer in a local private firm. In her leisure time, Shanshan enjoys producing ceramic pottery, drawing, dancing, etc. She enjoys finding the art and beauty of the nature and sharing her artistic views to people around her.

Su-chen Chang (张素祯)
Board Member

Su-Chen Chang was a registered nurse from Taiwan and later became assistant to the Dean at National Changhua University of Education in Taiwan. She relocated to America due to her marriage twenty years ago, and is currently caring for two teenage daughters with her wonderful and marvelous husband. Su-Chen enjoys teaching children and helping preserve Chinese culture in young Chinese-Americans. She and her family are currently residing in Folsom area.

Huanyu Dou (窦寰宇)
Board Member

Coming soon!

Michelle Lau
Board Member

Michelle Lau is president of Council of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Associations. She takes time out of her busy professional life as a licensed acupuncturist and doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine to help SCCF promote Chinese culture and language.

Qiuping Shu (舒秋萍)
Board Member

Qiuping has extensive experience and expertise in medical education, biomedical research and health care management. She enjoys serving the community with her hobby of photography.

Catherine Yang, Ph.D.
Board Member

Dr. Yang is Vice President of Academic Affairs at California Northstate University (CNU) and Associate Dean of Medical Education at the College of Medicine. Before joining CNU, Dr. Yang was a biochemistry and pharmacology Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Rowan University for 21 years. Dr. Yang has made strong contributions in elucidating mechanisms of tumor progression, and in the development of novel cancer drugs and antibiotics.

Zoe Zheng, Entrepreneur
Board Member

Zoe Zheng is the owner of three companies, Harmony Living LLC, Reliance Care LLC and Golden Pathways in-home care service for seniors. The three entities formed a trusted network of professional assistance and provide the best residential care solutions to the elderly within the greater Sacramento area. Zoe is a warm-hearted, dedicated, and professional individual, who is passionate about her career in senior residential and health care. One of her dreams is to run a senior facility which promotes Chinese culture and provides the most suitable care to Chinese seniors.

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