Our Mission

Through Culture Awareness to Promote Peace in Multi-Culture Society


Our Vision

To promote the well-being of the Sacramento Community through sharing Chinese culture, music, arts, education, and medicine

Our Objectives

Promotes Chinese culture through education, scholarship and community events

宣扬中华文化和中国语文;提供教学机会;举办社区文化活动包括了医疗保健,琴棋书画 和中华武术等等

Provides resources and standards for Chinese language, history and culture studies


Provides scholarships to schools and students for Chinese language and culture learning


Participates in Asian cultural events through collaboration with community groups

与社区组织合作, 共同参助其他亚裔社团文化活动

Message From The President

Dear SCCF sponsors, supporters, friends, and Sacramento community members,

On behalf of SCCF, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone for your enthusiastic support throughout the years. I am honor and humble to be elected and served as the President of SCCF in 2019. How exciting it is to lead and be involved with SCCF during this time because our organization has grown over the years to its new height. This year has marked the 33-year history of SCCF in providing services to the Sacramento community. We have gained new momentum to serve and engage the community in various aspects, including promoting the Chinese culture and language, raising awareness of health related issues, promoting health-care and self-care through our annual Capital Region East & West Health Fair, and expanding our music and arts programs within the SCCF orchestra (SCCFO) and choir.

We began the Year of the Boar of 2019 by celebrating our first annual Spring Lantern Festival, where more than five hundred community members joined us at the banquet. The event has highlighted the uniqueness of the Sacramento’s diversity and the multicultural values. Additionally, it also shows the commitment and support from various communities which was represented by the attendance of our VIP guests, including the Elk Grove Mayor Mr. Steven Ly, the CEO of UC Davis Health System, Dr. Lubarsky, the President of California Northstate University (CNU), Dr. Alvin Cheung, as well as many other community leaders. SCCF is honored to collaborate and provide a platform for collaboration amongst these partners to further advance our general community well beings.

In this Summer, we will add a new choir our orchestra. Our SCCFO has done a phenomenal work in organizing its own string and winds ensemble, which has complemented Jazz music to the richness and diversity of the culture. As our SCCFO progressively matures, our young musicians have the opportunity to showcase their musicianship at several events, such as the CNU College of Medicine white coat ceremony in last September, the Mayor’s Community Appreciation event in February, and most recently the students graduation from the CNU College of Medicine in May. Through these participations, SCCF has promoted the healthy development of our youths, meanwhile encouraged them to provide community services to further facilitate learning.

This Fall, we will devote our time and efforts in hosting the Chinese Schools Competition and Award Ceremony while celebrating the popular Chinese Moon Festival, which is also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival. This event will feature both Chinese language and art competitions among the thriving Chinese-school members of SCCF in the Sacramento and the Greater Sacramento area. The competing categories during this event will include recognizing Chinese characters, reciting Chinese poems, writing Chinese essay, as well as painting or drawing. Furthermore, spectators and participants of this event will have an opportunity to learn more about the various Chinese language programs from each school through poster exhibitions. Scholarships and awards will be presented to the participating Chinese schools and the winning contestants. This event is made possible by the generous sponsorship from Wells Fargo Bank, Mr. & Mrs. Wong from California Center, and the UC Davis Confucius Institute. Please save the date and join us on September 21st, 2019 to celebrate the traditional Chinese Moon Festival and support your favorite Chinese school in the area.

During the Winter, we will host the 4th Regional Capital East & West Health Fair on November 3rd, 2019. In this event, SCCF will join efforts with local business owners as well as other healthcare agencies, providers, and institutions to promote public health by providing flu vaccines to those who are in need. This is one of the largest events that SCCF has hosted over the last 3 years. There were hundreds of community members joined us every year at the Health Fair. In fact, there were approximately a thousand participants last year, and close to five-hundred patients were seen onsite by our Eastern and Western clinicians on the one-day event. The health fair offers various clinics, including acupuncture, and chronic diseases screening such as diabetes and hypertension. The great turnouts at our Health Fairs have shown much interests in healthcare from the local communities, which has encouraged SCCF to work even harder in promoting health. Please mark your calendar and check out this unique East & West Health Fair on November 3rd, 2019.

At SCCF, our Board of Directors have worked diligently to keep our missions alive, which includes:

· Promoting peace in multi-culture society through culture awareness
· Promoting Chinese culture through education, scholarship, and community events
· Providing resources and standards for Chinese language, history, medicine, music, and culture studies
· Providing scholarships to schools and students for Chinese language, medicine, music, and culture learning
· Participating in Asian cultural events through collaboration with other community groups

With our long history and a strong commitment to serve, we believe, 2019 will be another productive and successful year for SCCF. We will continue to thrive for opportunities to collaborate with local and regional partners to better our community. I am looking forward to your passionate participation as a SCCF member and seeing you at the SCCF hosting events.


SangSang Ma, PharmD, MBA
SCCF President
May 28th, 2019

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

Andy Warhol

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