Sacramento Chinese Culture Foundation

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SCCF Board of Directors and Officers 2017-2018

From SCCF President

Dear Members, Advisors and Sponsors:

I am humbled and honored to be re-elected as the President of SCCF after my resignation from the great organization of APAPA. Your votes of confidence overwhelmed me, and I am very happy to be back with you.
With your enthusiasm and willingness to help to make SCCF a great organization, we will get bigger and stronger, and become a force to be recognized in the community.
Our board members are all very talented, energetic, willing to work hard to serve the community. We have great plans for 2016, our 30th Anniversary!!!  
  • Scholarship Program for Chinese Language and Culture is growing stronger each year. We now have 9 Member Schools, and expect to have more schools joining us this year. We are also excited to have a brand new sponsor, beside our Annual Grant from Wells Fargo Foundation, the UC Davis Confucius Institute! With the same mission, we will become great partners from now on.  
  • Events for 2016: Annual General Membership Dinner Meeting on 2/21/2016, Scholarship Award events, Feng Shui lectures, brand new "East-West Health Fair", a trip to Taiwan, and maybe a professional performing arts festival to celebrate our 30th Anniversary!
  • Our officers are – Paul Chow (Vice-President); Vivian Liu (Secretary), Keely Jue (Treasurer), and Yan Huan (Auditor).  
  • Our committees:
       o Event Committee (Paul Chow, Lily Qian, Shan Shan Lee, Michelle Lau)
       o Membership Committee (Harry Yee, Teck Lai)
       o Scholarship Committee (Lily Qian, Vivian Liu, Yan Huan, Paul Chow)
       o Fundraising Committee (Linda Wang Zweig, John Wong)
      o Website/Newsletter Committee (David Dai, Yuhong Wei, Teck Lai, Ling Luo)

    With such a great team, we still need your strong support. Please continue to communicate and work with us to better serve you.
    Warmest Wishes to You All,

    Mayue Carlson

    Sacramento Chinese Culture Foundation